Journey of Motherhood part 1.

To me, the definition of a mother is someone who nurtures. Yes, carrying a child in your womb for months and then giving birth creates a lifelong bond, but I feel it’s the unconditional support of a child throughout life that defines this role.

There is a swahili saying that says kuzaa si kazi kulea ndio kazi.

And yes I have experienced it through my journey of being a mother.

Giving birth/labour takes 24 hrs utmost

But you have a lifetime to nurture,train,watch,teach your child.

I knew everything there was to know about motherhood before I even had my firstborn.

Actually ive always loved babies so I really used to do my research well on babies

And had lots of pictures of cute babies

I was and always have been… a know it all. 

I knew babies needed to eat (how to feed baby up to 1 year), they needed to sleep , and they thrived on routine . I knew how to to breathe during labor so I wouldn’t need drugs and how to get a baby to latch on without a fuss. Oh boy did I know it all.

Kwa ground vitu ni.different ”meaning things are different in.reality

Actually that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Stages of motherhood

STAGE 1: THE WAITING GAME: This is the stage where you can’t wait until you are pregnant. …

STAGE 2: THE POSITIVE TEST: This is the stage where you find out you are PREGNANT!

Each mom’s journey through the stages of motherhood will look slightly different. Mothers, overall, tend to handle certain things in each stage of their child’s life in certain ways. Those tendencies can be helpful as we journey through each stage of our child’s life.

Pregnancy and New Baby Fog

Let’s be real, when we’re pregnant we are just #Feeling All The Feels# We want to sleep and we’re in a fog. If we have other children to take care of it’s especially hard to get in enough rest.

But theres definitely the curiosity because you havent met this tiny human.

These feelings will come and go with hormonal surges, but they’re very real.

Then we have our bundle of joy. We feel overjoyed to have a precious one, but we often have our needs go unmet because we’re too scared to ask

  • excitement over future child
  • excuse to exercise less and eat more (and regret it later when we have to implement exercise with our babies)
  • the joy of bringing a new baby home
  • the cuddles and squeezes and soft skin.
  • taking the opportunity to let life slow down and savor these precious moments

You let the Major things be Major and the Minor things be Minor. Like your hair… doing hair is debatable.Your extreme stress helps you to tweeze out the things that actually matter and, when survival mode is over, you realize some things aren’t worth the increased blood pressure.

In short the first year motherhood is a physical and emotional roller coaster.

And it takes alot of sacrifice and discipline.

But it is fulfilling as well.

Take it easy a step at a time

Forget   the “mothering comes naturally” myth:
And don’t be afraid to ask for help

_ Avoid keeping up with the Joneses:
Give your kids what they need, not everything they want.

_ Know when you’re in the wrong movie:
Don’t try to cast your kids in a remake of your childhood.

_ Give yourself credit for finding Lego Man’s hair:
Little acts of caring matter more to your kids than getting through your to-do list

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