Today’s post is actually inspired by a very good friend.At the same time it’s based on a situation i’ve experienced .I’m sure most people have struggled with it at a particular point in life.

Most of the time we deal with battles in situations that are not even supposed to be battles,Simply because of the wrong choices we make knowingly or unknowingly.

Learn to go where you are wanted,be with people who love and value you,there are things that are not supposed to be forced.

do a course that goes along with your passion and abilities.

learning may be an easy task and it is for a certain period.but when you go to the employement field or working field it becomes something you do everyday probably to earn a living.Sometimes your career may be one that affects people directly because of the services you offer.

So make sure you do something that motivates you and that you will offer your best in your particular field of expertise.

Once you begin or get used to doing things that are your own interest and according to your best abilities.

You begin to be satisfied,you start to love yourself,and you release positive energy to the universe.

it is very fulfiling to do something out of personal interest rather than societal pressure

Henceforth you attract good vibes,good opportunities,good relationships,positive mindset that leads to healthy mental growth.

Life is short,it is very healthy to live according to your means.

compete with yourself.Monitor your growth and be satisfied with what you have/can afford.

It does not mean that you do not aspire for better things it simply means, while you work for the better things in life,you are doing it to your level best while maintaining good mindset and taking care of your mentalhealth.

Let us just aspire to have a job that you wakeup to in the morning and anticipate to get to work.How great the day would be.Because of how you have passion for the job.

Moreover going through a difficult time and feel hopeless.When you have a very good support system(family or friends)they encourage you and help you see things from a different perspective.

friends that motivate you to be better.such little things make a differences and can really influence your mindset in a very big way.

mental health should always be a priority in life.

If a relationship or friendship that drains you more than it builds you,that is very unhealthy.

positive vibes,creates an atmosphere of peace and happiness.

compete with yourself

cut your coat according to your cloth.

we all have different abilities.

Maximize your potential.create a very good platform for ourselves,good working environment for everyone.

It is a personal decision.


Published by trishsylver

Young lady passionate about positive vibes all the way Positive vibes create an atmosphere full of peace and good mental energy Being positive makes you less worried even when things are not going the right way,you still got it at the back of your mind that things will fall into place And it will work out for the best regardless of the obstacles. Positive vibes always got me looking at all the good things around,beauty in the atmosphere,,nature,environment, personal space,home. Positive vibes run in my veins,thoughts,the way I LIVE,REACT,RESPOND.

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