(Episode 1)

It’s Tuesday guys
It’s unbelievable how fast time flies
Yesterday being a Monday
Beginning of the week mostly dictates how the rest of the days are going to turn out.
Honestly speaking if a Monday doesn’t go well,it doesn’t necessarily have to mess up the rest of the days.
Weeping may endure through the night, but JOY comes in the morning.

I choose to rise up everytime I fall.
I choose to open a new chapter.
I choose to let go and let God.
So yesterday was not an easy day but it’s a learning process.
I experienced,learnt and it’s now time to move on.
WISER of course.
I believe some experiences we go through in life,it’s part of Learning.
God does not let you go through something you cannot handle.
He knows the power he has put in you,he knows your potential.
Do not allow situations in life define you or make you see yourself any LESS.
So I allow myself to remember God’s word and what he says about me.
He has the best version of my story,no one else does.
Personally I have a burning passion for Growth and betterness .
I can say I have an eye for the finer things in life.
My motivation comes from the stories in the Bible that show people coming out of hopeless situations and eventually emerge victorious.
Allow me to quote my favourite”story of the dry bones”it gives me so much hope,strength and more reasons to know that my journey has so much in wait for me.
If only I have Faith.I know for sure
This God I serve has so much in store for me.
Normally before I write a blog on my website,I usually draft it on my notebook for the purpose of organisation and a pure flow once I start writing and then I post.
But today my blog is special.
It’s purely from my heart. I’m thinking and typing everything at the same time.
Iam exactly speaking my mind.
I can honestly say God spoke to me This morning and he definitely wants to assure me that the journey is long and bumpy,but he is with me through it all.
Being a mother gives me that extra strength.
My daughter was given to me as a young tree that I have to water and nurture.(Her Smile,kisses and cuddles is a whole new level of JOY.)
She will become the better version of who I decide to mould her into.
Of course God is the spearhead but he put her into my hands,and the time he has given me with her,I have to make the most out of it.
I have to bring her up knowing God.
Knowing what Love is and equally experiencing it.
Knowing the value of Family and equally experiencing it.
Knowing that life is to be lived and someday God always picks up the flowers that the tree produces so while we are in this life,we should be the best versions of ourselves.
Package ourselves as a very precious beautiful gift that God will be happy to receive.
I always say if you do not bring up your child the society will.I choose to bring my own up as long as I am breathing.
So eventually when I am not present they will always value,appreciate and hold dear what you taught them.
My mother being the best person I know alive taught me to be a fighter.She taught me to feel(she is very emotional) It is important to go through that processes but be care full when you burn do not burn everything else around you.
This means when you are angry.Cry,let it out But do let the anger and bitterness inside you affect your loved ones or the people around you.
If you need a BREAK take it.But remember to come back because it is not the end of the Road.
With all that said I thank God.
For his faithfulness.I cannot even begin to narrate.
But right now at this point in life Iam about to TAKE OFF,
Just as an aeroplane.
My support system,is very strong and as they keep cheering me on,It motivates me,it gives me so much COURAGE.
It gives me FOCUS.

Published by trishsylver

Young lady passionate about positive vibes all the way Positive vibes create an atmosphere full of peace and good mental energy Being positive makes you less worried even when things are not going the right way,you still got it at the back of your mind that things will fall into place And it will work out for the best regardless of the obstacles. Positive vibes always got me looking at all the good things around,beauty in the atmosphere,,nature,environment, personal space,home. Positive vibes run in my veins,thoughts,the way I LIVE,REACT,RESPOND.

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