Relationships episode 2

If you pray for rain You got to deal with the mud too

Iam not a relationship expert But I’m aware of few things about relationships.
Affection can withstand very severe storms of vigor but not a long polar frost of indifference.
In a relationship be willing to give as well as receive.
Be intimate with your partner.
It is not what you do,but the way you do it. (This apllies to how you treat your partner, how you.communicate and how you satisfy each other sexually)

Being in a relationship should give you comfortability and fulfilment.
It may not always be a bed of roses.
To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness.
You should not love for what you will be given or what you will gain.
If you love for the reason of what will be supplied (either money or temporal favour,you love the gift, rather than the gifter)
You should love freely for yourself and not for anything else.

if you want to be in a relationship you have to be willing to pay the true cost .

Choose your partner over and over again because they are the one your heart has chosen not your eyes.
Eyes see better things every time.
If you love with the eyes you will keep loving different people all the time.
Your door will keep being open to more appealing things.
Keep having more reasons to love your partner. (This applies to both parties )
That’s work.Put in the work.
When choosing a partner.look at being their friends first rather than lover.
Friendship creates an environment of confidence, true image,faithfulness, happiness and freedom.
Once you have all these with a person and still choose them ,it boldly shows that you can communicate with your partner.
Love a person for who they are.
There comes times in relationships when there are more disappointments and constant need to be away from your partner because of behaviour and how feelings are reciprocated.
But when you are friends, when the storms come,you have a constant need to share your feelings and communicate with this person.
Then there comes your friend.
You will be able to talk about matters affecting your relationship without your feelings escalating or resulting to violence.


Yes you are together but that doesn’t mean that you own each other .
Each person needs their space once in a while.
It is not selfish to spare sometime for yourself.
Freedom is a priority.
Openly share your opinions with each other before making decisions.
Both of you have to show willingness .
Passion of a relationship is so sweet and with loyalty and love it may endure a lifetime.
If you have peace of mind,you will be able to create an environment of peace in your relationship.
Do not compare yourself to strangers.
Growth is a fundamental aspect in a relationship and it takes two people to make it work.

Published by trishsylver

Young lady passionate about positive vibes all the way Positive vibes create an atmosphere full of peace and good mental energy Being positive makes you less worried even when things are not going the right way,you still got it at the back of your mind that things will fall into place And it will work out for the best regardless of the obstacles. Positive vibes always got me looking at all the good things around,beauty in the atmosphere,,nature,environment, personal space,home. Positive vibes run in my veins,thoughts,the way I LIVE,REACT,RESPOND.

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