It doesn’t hurt to be kind


Be the one to make a difference in another person’s life..
You dont have to put in so much effort..

it’s very simple

If someone comes to you hungry, will you feed them? You don’t have to give them money to buy food, you can always make them a meal.

If someone comes to you lonely and depressed, will you take time for them? Your words can be the exact words they need to hear. They may just need to know someone is there for them.

If someone comes to you sick, will you pray for them? They may have went to all the doctors and gotten all the same reports but prayer changes things. Will you take the time to agree with them in prayer for their healing?

Don’t be the one who talks about what everyone else will or will not do. Be the one who feeds the hungry, takes time out for those who are lonely and depressed, and prays for the sick.

Be God’s hands, feet, and mouthpiece on earth! Amen

Published by trishsylver

Young lady passionate about positive vibes all the way Positive vibes create an atmosphere full of peace and good mental energy Being positive makes you less worried even when things are not going the right way,you still got it at the back of your mind that things will fall into place And it will work out for the best regardless of the obstacles. Positive vibes always got me looking at all the good things around,beauty in the atmosphere,,nature,environment, personal space,home. Positive vibes run in my veins,thoughts,the way I LIVE,REACT,RESPOND.

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