Spiritual inspiration

#spiritual inspiration

Iam God’s masterpiece
He created us in his own image
God gives people a chance for a reason.
Involve God in your life and he will refine you to who he wants you to be.
God makes a way where there seems to be no way.
Fear cannot stay where Faith is.
Discouragement cannot stay where hope is.
Stress cannot stay where peace is.
Mediocrity cannot stay where greatness is.

Without courage you cannot solve life’s difficulties.

Four types of courage
Physical courage-keep going with resilience,balance and awareness.

Social courage -be yourself unapologetically.

Moral courage-doing the right thing even when it is uncomfortable/unpopular.

Emotional courage-feeling all your emotions (positive and negative)without guilt or attachment Intellectual courage-to learn unlearn,relearn with an open/flexible mind.

Spiritual courage -living with a purpose and meaning through a heart centred approach towards life and oneself.

4 ways to stay positive
Love yourself
Be kind
Change your mindset
Speak positive things.
Do not quit

If you quit now you’ll end up right back where you first began when you were desperate to be where you are now.

God is God in all seasons..

Published by trishsylver

Young lady passionate about positive vibes all the way Positive vibes create an atmosphere full of peace and good mental energy Being positive makes you less worried even when things are not going the right way,you still got it at the back of your mind that things will fall into place And it will work out for the best regardless of the obstacles. Positive vibes always got me looking at all the good things around,beauty in the atmosphere,,nature,environment, personal space,home. Positive vibes run in my veins,thoughts,the way I LIVE,REACT,RESPOND.

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