It is a therapy on its own
Straight to the 3 steps

  • telling
  • forgiving
  • healing
  • telling(show the truth about a situation) Tell someone that you hurt,where you hurt and how it hurts.
    Accept that you hurt and it needs treatment
    Take accounting
    Do not blame yourself
    It happened,you experienced it
    It’s now time to dust up.
    Open up and pour out every single feeling of pain, disgust,shame, guilt.
    Let it all out because it clearly has no space inside you.
    There is nothing to be ashamed of,it’s actually something to be proud of.
    Remember the more you tell,you are searching for that bruise so it does not end up being a scar.
    Sometimes you may feel like you are getting more wounded in the searching buy trust the process,it is helping. 2- ##forgiving
    -what is forgiveness (conscious and deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment regarding a particular offense.
    Forgiving does not mean forgetting, rather it means letting go of the pain.
  • You need to first forgive yourself.
    You are not the cause of your pain
    But you have the power to let it go (release that negative emotion)
    You can obviously not control how other people treat you
    But you can choose how to respond.
    You deserve the peace that comes with it.
    Get a grip of it

3 – ##healing
Healing is a form of restoration feeling better again.
Tips for emotional healing
+be yourself
+Love yourself

  • forget the past.
    Turn on the lights
    You have had the elasticity to go through the first, second and now you are on to the third one.
    It should not be a walk in the park
    But you are certainly going to ace it.
    It is the only proof to show that you are no longer bitter
    Do not do it for other people rather Do it for yourself. This is personal ,you need to experience the peace for yourself.
    Look at yourself in the mirror “60 seconds a test”
    Remind yourself who you are.
    Give yourself roses and chocolates and make those promises to yourself.
    Tell yourself **positive **things
    I tell myself
  • Iam strong and capable
  • Iam seeing improvements and Iam grateful for them.
  • I choose to let go of any pain for my own sake.
    There you go,now pack all this joy and light up a light.
    See you can lift so much more weight than you could imagine.

Until next time
Keep it #positivityalltheway

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