I’m positive not perfect.

I’m **Positive **not Perfect
So I do have bad days
Days that I feel bad about myself
Days that I look in the mirror and I dont see the beauty that I’m gifted with
Days when I want to stay in bed all day
Days when I do not want to see or speak to anyone
But this days are actually normal to every human
We all feel under the weather at times and sometimes people around you understand and give you some space.
Just be careful that you do not prolong it.dont make it a habit.
Do not let it interfere with your routine.
This are the days when I have so much content.
Its overwhelming how much I write on my bad days than on my good days.
Yes emotions are more,feelings,frustrations and there all types of thoughts come in.
Choosing to write is the **positive **
But writing is not everybody’s cup of tea..so there comes in alot of hobbies and interests reading,exercising, singing,worshipping,swimming,hiking.
Whoosh!!!something just came to mind……how you deal with these days when you have a partner (a spouse or someone you are dating)
I’ll share it on my next blog

Keep it **#positivityalltheway **

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