And now I finally realise
That I’m the one with the problem

Looking at it from a positive outlook

Iam always emotionally and physically available for people who are important to me,
“I.e my family,friends,the men I date.”that’s something I do not regret.
Realising that I am the one with the problem means that I know myself as a very emotional person and have learnt some lessons that are going to help me through working through my relationships.It may not work for everyone but it sure does for me.
Here are my 3 lessons
Let’s call them the ♡Treesh lessons♡

all these people are human and humans are ridiculous creatures.
Saying they are ridiculous means I should never take them too seriously. There should be limits when it comes to the support I offer to them.

Yes it is a positive gesture to be there for them because they matter and doing good things and nice gestures to people you love is actually very fulfilling,
but it is important to be a bit selfish
Put yourself first,do not be too dependant on them that you feel that you owe them.
once you feel that way you feel entitled to suffering for them and most of the time they take advantage of it…when that happens you’re left vulnerable and that’s why you end up being hurt every time your actions and feelings are not reciprocated..
And finally you end up consoling yourself when you are hurt,that at least you did your best,loved your best and was present at your best,not keeping in mind that you are numbing your pain.
Pain is to be felt,I think it’s the best way to recover and move on.
So when they disappoint me,
I go back to the mirror do the 60 secs test remind myself who Iam
See the people for who they are,
Accept that they disappointed you
Feel the pain
Tell yourself that you know better now.
And of course remind yourself that **humans are ridiculous **
Cry or laugh about it..whichever that makes you feel the pain.

We are here to co-exist
You are who you are for a reason, so are other people you interact with.
When you are in a relationship with someone either friendship or romantic relationship,Both parties have a role to play.
Nobody likes being alone.the people who do, have created a secure world around themselves.
(In terms of relationships
Once you have been in a couple of relationships and they all almost end up the same way.Hurtful and disappointing)
With less disappointments and doing constant things that keep them engaged so they do not feel like they lack something in life.
On the positive outlook,we should be open minded.
Get into relationships with a purpose”like a contract” and not because you are lonely.being alone does not mean you are lonely
Once such a relationship fails
You can easily embrace the fact that it had a beginning and an end.Though it gets harder to let go once you’ve connected with someone,opened up and shared alot with the person.
But look at it from this angle,
If a person begins to withdraw emotionally and you realise he stops showing you the affection as he/she did before,the best thing is to talk about least that’s what I do if I want to work things out.Keep in mind the feeling should be mutual.
If you are the only one who wants to work things out,then that relationship may not be worth fighting for.

I’m here to talk about how you get up and start a fresh
Freeing yourself from mental slavery means you are not going to hurt to a point of depression when you can work through it and come out stronger and wiser.

Then open to the next chapter of life,
Live it,wiser and more focused

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